Why you need to hire me - Copywriting and content for your business
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Mainly because I’m good, but ‘good’ isn’t particularly compelling.


Here are some more specific reasons:


Been there, done that

I’ve over 10 years’ experience. That’s a decade of award-winning ads, B2B campaigns, Google algorithms, horrible buzz words and millions of pounds worth of sales.


During that time I’ve produce copy and content for trucking companies, telecoms giants, ultra high net-worths, students, rum connoisseurs, tech early adopters and even a Prime Minister.


Some stuff I’ve done may be locked away behind NDAs or too long ago to remember, but bring me on board and you’ll get an insight into how big businesses sell, attract new audiences, inform stakeholders, or just run a project.


I can do nothing more than what you ask for or can can bring my own research, fresh eyes and sage-like chin stroking to your problems.


I’ve been told all this is quite comforting if you’re embarking on a new direction, or have a must-hit target.


There’s no chance you’ll be left in the shit

You’ll get exactly what you want. For a price, you agree right at the start.


This is how the process usually goes:


  • You decide you want to hire a copywriter
  • You let me know what you want. You can do this on the quick quote form, on the contact me page or you can call me. My voice is pretty deep. Be prepared.
  • I’ll give you a ballpark figure so you can compare or satisfy accounts or whatever. The ballpark figure won’t be per-word-blog cheap, but will probably be cheaper than any agency you’re looking at … who will then probably hire me to work for you anyway
  • We’ll then have a chat. You’ll give me all the specifics: audiences, objectives, past performance, wisdom, industry gossip, too much coffee, anything you think is important. A few hours after that, I’ll write a proposal and give you a final quote.
  • It’ll be close to the ballpark and will be a fixed fee that covers revisions – if they are needed.
  • You only pay 50% to start the process. Pay the rest when we’ve finished the project.
  • When I get that payment, we’ll have another quick call to turn the proposal into a brief, and that’s it.
  • I’ll start. You can be as hands on or hands-off as you like after that. I can deal directly with you or any other 3rd party working on your project


I’ll hit your deadline

I know the rest of your team are relying on me. I’ll give myself enough time to do what you need, and I’ll pull an all-nighter if you change what you need at the last minute.


Also, while you’re here… Don’t hire me if you don’t like working to deadlines

When I’m doing your project, I’m not doing any other projects.


As soon as your project is done. I’ll be working on other projects and I won’t be working on yours. If you do have a delay, you need to let me know as soon as possible.


Or, you want to pay per word

Go away.